AERO parts coming soon....
Front lip spoiler
Roof wing
Rear diffuser under panel

Panamericana grille
Part No.sdf177-30-311
CHROME with camera
Part No.sdf177-30-313
CHROME without camera

Panamericana grille
Part No.sdf177-30-312
Black with camera 
Part No.sdf177-30-314
Black without camera

8.5Jx20 45 ¥57,000(税別)
RAYS and s.d.f collaboration
*special color
Diamond mirror cut x bronze
Only available from s.d.f

Muffler A180
Part No.sdf177-30-500HS
Half stainless¥215,000(税別)
Part No.sdf177-30-500AS
All stainless¥290,000(税別)
Front/Center/Rear All Set
<A180→A35 R/Diffuser+Tail End 取付可>

*FRP Gelcoat 製品予定